• April 19th, 2019
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Limbo dismissed as Bukalo CEO

Front Page News
Front Page News

Aron Mushaukwa Bukalo-The Bukalo Village Council has dismissed Martin Limbo as its CEO, effective from August 22. Speaking to the media yesterday the chairperson of the village council Charles Siyauya said that Limbo was found guilty of misconduct and a resolution was reached on July 6 to have him dismissed. According to Siyauya the hearing, which was chaired by Frans Kwala, found Limbo guilty of “very serious misconduct charges which include unauthorised appointment of staff members, gross financial irresponsibility, insubordination, putting council’s name in dispute, unauthorised transfer of funds, failing to follow council recommendations not to host a gala dinner in 2016, and misrepresentation”. He added that Limbo was given an opportunity to appeal to the chairperson of the Zambezi Regional Council which he has done. Asked about how Limbo could be dismissed if he had already tendered his resignation letter in June, Siyauya responded that Limbo withdrew his resignation which was the reason the council decided to conduct a hearing where he was charged and dismissed. “A week after he handed in his resignation we received another letter from Mr Limbo stating that he no longer wished to resign and that he wanted to continue being an employee of Bukalo Village Council,” said Siyauya. Siyauya also officially introduced Naomi Karupa, who was seconded by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development to serve as the acting CEO as of August 1 until a suitable candidate is appointed. Contacted for comment a seemingly frustrated Limbo stressed he only decided to withdraw his resignation after he learnt that the village council had already pushed ahead in having a hearing, despite him tendering his resignation. “I only withdrew my resignation on 22 June after learning that council had proceeded with the hearing between 5 and 9 June, so that it can give me an opportunity to appeal in case I am found guilty, since you can only appeal if you are an employee. You cannot appeal if you are coming from the streets,” said Limbo. Limbo added that the hearing was conducted behind his back because when it was conducted he had already resigned. “How do you find someone who is not an employee guilty of misconduct?” He added that he decided to appeal as according to him the manner in which his hearing was conducted was unfair as he was found guilty in absentia. He stressed that the withdrawal of his resignation was not because he wanted his job back. “How do you find someone guilty who never attended the hearing? I even explained my reasons for withdrawing after being advised to withdraw by my lawyer… They found me guilty on all counts while I was never cross-examined. I was not even invited to the hearing.”
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2017-09-08 09:33:14 1 years ago

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