• July 18th, 2019
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Limping economy no excuse for Oshikoto

Regions, Oshikoto
Regions, Oshikoto

Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya The Oshikoto Regional Council says the issue of limited resources will not be an excuse for not delivering on its intended capital projects in the region. This was the promise of the chief regional officer Frans Enkali, who said the region has defied all odds by successfully completing numerous projects with little funds at its disposal. “We all know the economy is not doing well, but we have learned to work within the ambits of the resources we have. All our plans are based on what is there, and that’s where we start and continue when resources are available until the whole project is done. We do not make empty promises,” vowed Enkali. One of the notable projects, which Enkali pointed to as having been accomplished, is the electrification and rehabilitation of roads in Onayena and Oshivelo settlements, completed to the tune of over N$1.3 million each. “Oshivelo will be prioritised because there is rapid growth in the area, hence the speedy implementation of the capital projects. Our appeal again is for government to avail to us the necessary resources. At Onayena, a further N$1.2 million will be used to survey and plan Extension 1 for residential and business purposes. We want people to study building as soon as possible,” stated Enkali. He however noted that progress on compensation has been a drawback even though it is provided for, but it takes long to finalise. The focus will also be shifted to the newly gazetted Onyuulaye settlement, where the council intends to conduct a survey and planning for Extension 1 early next year. “Furthermore, we completed the sewerage and reticulation plant at Oniipa for an amount of N$3 million, as well as rectification of defects at a cost of N$130,000. Another achievement is the construction of the Nehale Lya Mpingana constituency office and staff housing at Omboto,” Enkali highlighted. “The success is due to the political will that prevails in the region – there is no conflict between the councillors and the administration and they (councillors) have been so helpful in attaining all this,” added Enkali. Other projects tackled by the regional council are the micro-financing of SMEs, food/cash-for-work projects, as well as the construction of toilets in the rural areas. “About 187 toilets were constructed in the region’s 11 constituencies, at an amount of N$2.3 million. Some SMEs have benefited from the N$400,000 availed through the income-generating programme. Others also benefitted from N$300,000 meant for the rural employment scheme,” he stressed. In addition, Enkali said the council managed to mobilise funds amounting to N$123,000 for the electrification of Sheefeni Primary School in the remote area of Engodhi, something he said was never catered for in the budget but it was made possible. Part of the remaining money was used to purchase prepaid electricity, computers and printers for the school. In conclusion, Enkali said other projects would be awarded before the end of the financial year, so that they can utilize what is there, while other proposed ones will be catered for in the next financial year. “We have submitted all our proposals and are only awaiting approval and budget allocation.” ••••• Caption: (Enkali)
New Era Reporter
2017-12-14 09:15:53 1 years ago

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