• July 22nd, 2019
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Lions don’t lose fights against dogs, Simon tells Meroro … to fight on June 30 at Ramatex Hall

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Sport, Sports

Otniel Hembapu Windhoek-Drawing inspiration from an old African adage that says a lion, even when it is old, can never lose a fight to a dog, Namibia’s former multiple world champion Harry ‘The Terminator’ Simon yesterday warned his opponent Vikapita ‘BeastMaster’ Meroro to expect nothing but a surge of fire when they clash in June. As per the traditional trash-talking of boxing, Simon at yesterday’s conference compared Meroro to a small dog that harbours ambitions of wanting to defeat a lion, referencing the lion part to himself. The two boxers are finally set to square off in a fight dubbed “The fight all Namibians have been waiting for” on June 30 at the spacious Ramatex Hall in the capital, it was officially announced in Windhoek yesterday at a well-attended press conference. “I want to use an old African saying that states that a lion, even if it is old, can never lose a fight to a dog. By saying that I want to warn Meroro to expect nothing but fire from me. He (Meroro) keeps calling me an old man who is finished and will do nothing to him when we fight, but be warned that lions don’t lose fights to dogs. Just be warned. I will whip Meroro like a small boy. I will show Namibia why I am still undefeated,” cautioned the veteran pugilist, very much to the approval of those in attendance. On his part, an equally upbeat Meroro maintained that Simon “is an old man who is finished. He used to be our great champion but his time is up now and I will finish him off within five rounds. Somebody will fall on the night but that somebody will not be me.” “Simon is a champion of the past, he knows it very well. This is more than just a fight, it will be personal and Namibians will see a fighting and fast Meroro. I will beat Harry in less than five rounds, this fight is personal for me,” Meroro shot back. During the signing, Simon’s Onkugo Promotions handed over a cheque of N$10,000 as training fee for Meroro, to help prepare him better for the fight and also help him maintain a perfect balanced diet while preparing. Simon boasts an impressive professional undefeated record of 29 fights of which 21 came by way of knockout, while Vikapita Meroro has a record of 35 fights, 28 wins, 14 of which came by way of knockout and 7 losses and 3 of those he was knocked down. The fight is sponsored by Wetu Trading, which will be responsible for most of the costs and 3D Dimension that will be responsible for all promotional materials. During the same event, a representative of Wetu said: “This fight has been talked about by so many people and it has never happened, Wetu Trading wants to make it happen to settle the debate once and for all.” Tickets for the fight will go on sale on May 3 and will cost N$100 for ordinary tickets while VIP will cost N$500 per ticket. VVIP tables are also available for N$20,000 for a table of 10 but these tables are limited. All tickets will be sold by Computicket except those for VVIP tables.
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