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Local Artack Show  empowers youth

2020-09-04  Staff Reporter

 Local Artack Show  empowers youth

 Laimi Hawala

The Local Artack Show (LAS) is a new 9-part series funded by the National Art Council of Namibia (NACN) through the Arts and Culture Covid-19 Relief Fund.
 The director of the show, Martin Kapuka, told Entertainment Now! that it will be premiering its first season with 9 episodes where every episode will promote three different forms of art, specifically music, dance and fashion. 

“The Local Artack Show is unique in the sense that it will create local content with the idea to present a strategic plan that shows how the different art discipline co-work hand-in-hand, thus empowering the artists, dancers, producers and designers but generally sparking minds of the creative industry entrepreneurs to think of the benefits of cross-promoting different art disciplines.” 

The fundamental principle of LAS is to empower the youth to influence Namibia’s social sphere and leading the landscape of the entertainment industry.
The show encapsulates human relationships – how artists, dancers, designers, producers and creatives at large sell their ideas. It also focuses on what motivates audiences and how fruitful conversations and exchanging ideas can bloom into the next viral sensational entertainment that compels people, simultaneously benefiting creatives involved and Namibian audiences.

 According to Martin Kapuka, this will be a show by Namibians for Namibians as the primary audience. 
“We need to consume our products before we can expect the rest of the world to welcome us into the market place. Secondary audience would be the international audience, as the key idea here is to produce and promote local arts for our country’s social and economic benefit.” 
He added that the arts and entertainment industry is a billion-dollar industry that can contribute to Namibia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) if proper strategic planning is applied to it, and with the continued support of the government and private sector creatives ought to fully utilise the industry. He also expressed that Namibians are special and we need to believe in ourselves and another more. 

LAS will take the audience behind the scenes of the creative process with some of Namibia’s top local talent as they collaborate to create original content that will entertain people locally and internationally. 

The creative team of the show consists of the director Cassijejessica from Blaqhouse Collections Entertainment, executive producer Shavy Shav from Foreign Xchange Productions, fashion designer Elago Nhox Kapuka from KashLavas Studios and Gerhard Nhinda from Young Nams Investment Group. 
The episodes will be released on YouTube. Their team has created social media pages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @Localartackshow to engage with the audience during the pre and post-production phases once the project is in full swing.


2020-09-04  Staff Reporter

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