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Local drama ready to screen

2018-11-30  Staff Report 2

Local drama ready to screen
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 Onesmus Embula
Local youthful drama titled Tick-Tock about abuse in modern relationships is scheduled for screening at the American Cultural Centre on December 6. 

Tick-Tock seeks to address the recurring Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the contemporary environment. The project is collaboration between Glenn-Nora Tjipura, actor, writer, director and producer, and Ndakalako Shilongo a scriptwriter, director and producer. Tjipura says the drama revolves around Anna, a young strong woman who is caught in a toxic relationship. “In the midst of it all she is trying to find herself while continuously fighting with her significant other as they try to make their relationship work. She finds herself in a predicament of either staying or walking away,” says Tjipura.

She adds that the idea was inspired shortly after she and her co-producer realised that women who were going through domestic abuse, which includes the people they work with, friends and family members, surrounded them. “If you find yourself in any form of abuse, especially in a romantic relationship, get out. I have realised with most victims that once they step away from it all, give themselves space and distance from the relationship that is when they get to see just how bad it has been,” adds Tjipura. 

She notes that most women find themselves trapped in an unhealthy toxic relationship, which in most cases leads to unpleasant endings, hence a need to create awareness in this regard through visuals in a form of movies.  

2018-11-30  Staff Report 2

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