• December 1st, 2020

Local farmers cautious about new  cattle weighing technology, ‘Beefie’

WINDHOEK - Namibian cattle farmers last week took note with some scepticism the launch of a Hungarian developed smartphone accessory that helps producers weigh their cattle without the use of any scales or yard infrastructure.

 Known as Beefie, the new technology allows producers to calculate their cattle weights in less than half a minute by attaching an external device to an Android 5.1+ smartphone and capturing a range of photographs. Cattle can be captured from two to six metres away. Livestock are analysed from two to six metres away – even whilst in motion or partially obscured, with more than 5 000 tests on animals producing a 95 per cent accuracy rate. Local cattle farmers responded to the news on social media: most of them saying it seems the device can make the life of a producer much easier but expressed their doubts if Namibians will be keen to introduce the device on a big scale. 

Some prominent farmers pointed out that conventional scales are also 95 percent or more accurate, and it is unlikely that Namibian farmers will jump to get hold of the device. 

The condition, breed, gender, age and appearance of the animal is taken into account as provided by the producer, along with their individual identification number. Created by Agroninja, developers are planning to expand their distributor network into other countries, including Australia – after launching the product in Europe recently. Beefie co-founder, Gergely Boromisza, said the device would make life easier and less stressful for both cattle farmers and their livestock. 

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2018-12-11 10:52:15 | 1 years ago

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