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Local is lekker… as baby jelly product hits shelves

2021-01-07  Maihapa Ndjavera

Local is lekker… as baby jelly product hits shelves

A long-cherished dream finally came true for young entrepreneur Beatha Shitemba whose baby jelly product is now available in a local store. 
Shitemba, who founded Nels Babies a few years ago, has urged Namibians to support local businesses, including purchasing her product, which is currently being sold at Spar Grove. 

Baby jelly is a local product made with calendula oil and shea butter.
According to Shitemba, the jelly is made for irritated and sensitive skin.
 It can be used by babies, children, and adults. 
Its paraben-free, colorant-free, and fragrance-free.

“I have received such an overwhelmingly positive response from each customer who has bought the product. These customers have not bought the product for their little ones but themselves as well,” said Shitemba who is professionally employed as a risk and compliance manager and is currently pursuing a law degree.

“They indicated that the baby petroleum jelly is soothing and very absorbent and moisturizing on the skin.”
When Nels Babies was started, Shitemba said bedding and nursery accessories were the first items that were launched. 
“However, I decided to diversify and look at alternative baby products which can be manufactured. By bootstrapping my business, I was able to invest in this amazing baby jelly and get it on the market,” she said.

The baby jelly was manufactured and launched in Namibia and it’s only starting to penetrate the local market. 
However, she is looking forward to distributing it across the borders. 

“I would like to stock the product in the whole Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.”
Nels Babies also has an online shop on their website where customers can directly get their products by paying online.
 “I would like to thank Namibians for the support they have shown Nels Babies during the past three years. I would also like to encourage stores in Namibia, either local or international stores, to start stocking Namibian products,” she said.

Shitemba stated that she sources her raw materials locally and across the borders from reputable vendors. Currently, Nels Babies only has one employee permanently, with three staff members employed on temporary basis.

She further mentioned that 2020 was a very challenging year, but with challenges comes plenty of opportunities. 
“During 2020, we were able to launch and sell our kids’ masks, which are trending at the moment. We were also able to launch the baby petroleum jelly and various other products on the market. We were further able to buy machinery in cash, and have our production facility in-house,” outlined the self-motivated entrepreneur.

Shitemba urged Namibia youth not to let the pandemic hinder their dreams. “If not, this is the perfect time to explore opportunities. With difficulties comes problems which require solutions.”

2021-01-07  Maihapa Ndjavera

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