• February 21st, 2020

Local musician to tour Germany

WINDHOEK- Heather “Miss H” Dennis, a well-known performer in the local music scene in Namibia is embarking on a 2-month trip to Germany this week to share her music and test new markets. With her solo project Miss H gaining more traction, she is eager to travel to Europe for the first time and perform in intimate living room settings in five different cities. “The concept for the concerts came from my name, ‘Livinge’. I enjoy connecting with people through my music, and I think the living room setting is perfect for that. Just me, my guitar and my listeners sharing moment,” she says.

Miss H will travel to Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Frankfurt as well as Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and be on the road until the end of April. She will be sharing original songs, she has composed and written, but she will take on some classic cover songs that her fans have been enjoying during her live gigs all around Namibia. Family, friends and fans are all getting together to support her with sponsorships and accommodation. She is also looking for strategic partnerships to make the most of the tour. “During the past five years I have acquired a loyal following at live shows - for both my solo project Miss H and my band The Fate of Miss H. I notice that the style of both acts appeal to a diverse group of Namibians as well as expatriates and tourists visiting the city. With the encouragement and support I have received from my fans both locally and abroad, I feel ready to test new markets.”

The music industry in Germany is estimated to be one of the biggest in the world, with the share of digital music being around 60 %. To prepare for the trip, Miss H has recently started to grow her following on social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. She is looking to record an album with the band The Fate of Miss H later in the year, which will surely be inspired by the trip to Europe. Originally, from Swakopmund, Namibia, the 29-year-old talent has been performing since she was five years old. Miss H started in classical music
but she has been strongly influenced by several genres and the music she writes ranges from rock to blues and reggae. The Fate of Miss H is a rock-blues
band from Namibia with members Adam Brandon-Kirby (drums), Llewellyn Annandale (bass) and Conrad Hegarty (guitar).


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