• April 24th, 2019
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Lombard to take Usakos to new heights


Eveline de Klerk Swakopmund-Newly appointed chief executive officer of Usakos, Ivin Lombard, says a collective drive and common vision in partnership with various stakeholders are needed to develop Usakos to its full potential. He says Usakos can take full advantage of its strategic position and engage various stakeholders to explore numerous business opportunities that the town could offer. Lombard was appointed as CEO on February 5 after the Usakos Town Council opted not to renew the contract of his predecessor Gruzi Goseb, whose time in office was marred by suspensions and infightings. Lombard wants to fast-track and align operations to attract investors so that business and employment opportunities are created for residents Lombard in an interview with New Era said although Usakos just like any other town faces challenges with regard to unemployment and other social issues such as poverty, both the council and administration are keen on addressing such challenges. He went on and explained that they are aware of the perception that development at the town has been at a standstill. “This is not necessarily true but we are very much aware of this perception of Usakos. There are certainly some challenges and areas that require serious attention but these are not insurmountable issues. With a collective drive and common vision we should be able to engage with our development partners to uplift the community of Usakos,” he said. He added that the current approach adopted by council is to swiftly align its strategic outlook with operations henceforth, in a manner that it is responsive to the developmental needs of residents as set out in the Harambee Prosperity Plan. “Practically this means we must urgently deliver serviced land for both commercial and residential development and also engage with the business community to establish their needs for growth and expansion,” he said. According to Lombard, the council is also looking at developing and aligning internal systems to enhance and deliver on enquiries in a reasonably quicker period. He added the aim is to attract as many investors as council can to Usakos as this will not only change the landscape of Usakos but create much needed job opportunities for residents.
New Era Reporter
2018-03-07 09:25:37 1 years ago

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