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LOVE releases new single in Mexico

2021-01-15  Strauss Lunyangwe

LOVE releases new single in Mexico
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The year 2021 has barely begun and Namibian model, actor and singer Rowan Summers and his band mate Manu Pereyra have hit the ground running, releasing a new single in Mexico last week. The Latin-African band sings pop, RnB and soul, with an ethnical sound due to their ethnic backgrounds. The group, called LOVE, released a new single, titled ‘Cuarto Oscuro’ which talks about the different struggles a relationship had to go through during the quarantine period with regards to loving and hating each other at the same time.

Summers told Entertainment Now! the song is centred around the amount of time spent together as a couple, the financial struggles that arise from comfortability, as well the Covid-19.“ The level of consciousness about every single aspect, the need to escape but at the same time the desire to stay and basically proving that love conquers all in the end,” he explained. So far, Mexico has been very accommodating for the biochemist graduate from Unam, as Latin Americans have been very welcoming and hospitable towards him since he arrived there in 2017.
“I was always the first Namibian they have met. I also think it’s the fact that I speak Spanish, as it makes it easier for communication purposes.” 

The musical landscape in the southern portion of North America is very huge and diverse. The different types of instruments, especially the guitars, and the different types of music and specific choreography that goes with it. “People here are very intrigued by the way we dance and how we play the drums. My band member always tells me that Africa is the roots; it’s where it all started,” he said. As most countries are experiencing a second and third wave, the duo has found it challenging and frustrating, as the economy is negatively affected. 
“Jobs have decreased since the pandemic started; jobs that were confirmed are now being postponed – or in some cases, cancelled. The way I see it, it’s kind of like the survival of the fittest; you definitely have to make your health your priority, period, and work five times as harder as before,” he explained.

LOVE was scheduled to perform throughout the festive season but Mexico had entered into the red zone, resulting in everything being closed down and cancelled. They are now closely working with different digital platforms to secure some virtual concerts to promote their work.
“We have been promoting the new single ever since we had the date confirmed in December. Promoting is mainly done through music blog submissions, radio placements, newspaper and magazine coverage, pre-save campaign through social media platforms, and playlist submissions,” he ended. The plans for the band is to definitely release an album this year or an EP and to start performing live again once they have overcome the current situation in that country.

2021-01-15  Strauss Lunyangwe

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