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Love Yourself Campaign celebrates 5 years

2020-10-09  Staff Reporter

Love Yourself Campaign celebrates 5 years

Priscilla the Namibian Dessert Queen is better known as Namibian Malva Pudding has done it again. 
This time she got together with three plus size powerful businesswomen who are sharing their ideas through the Love Yourself Campaign.
Priscilla told Entertainment Now! the campaign will focus and create awareness for breast cancer for the month of October.
Priscilla’s late mother had breast cancer and passed in 2005. She wants all women to understand that early detection is the key in fighting breast cancer. 

‘’To the newly diagnosed patients, it is not a death penalty. To those currently fighting breast cancer; remember each battle is unique we would like to say we support and understand your fight, we want to stand together as the Love Yourself Campaign to show all-women out there currently facing this illness, that we are supporting you all the way, ‘’ she narrated. She further encouraged family members and friends to say a prayer whenever they can, and comfort and support those affected. As breast cancer can affect anyone of us directly or indirectly.
Priscilla had the lows and ups as an artist and songwriter when the pandemic of Covid-19 commenced. She lost pre-booked gigs and was lost in depression and anxiety, felt hopeless at times not knowing how to survive. 

‘’It’s always good to not place all your treasure in one basket. To have a contingency plan to survive financially, when faced with hardship. I have managed to move forward because I still have a day job, but the extra cash that was normally generated through incoming gigs left a huge gap in my finances. The support and love from family and friends, is what kept me afloat, humbled and grounded. Slowly things are starting to pick up again.’’ 

Priscilla understands those faced with depression, and wants to motivate them to believe. “Things will get better, this too shall pass because it’s not the end, only the beginning to adapt to a new way of life,’’ she said. 
Christolina Kave?una, one of the women involved in the campaign also a nurse by profession said she would like to make use of this platform to teach other women no matter their race, tribe, skin colour, social status or level of education that being bold and confident is the best you can do.

‘’Doing it with my juicy sisters through the campaign is the way to go. The purpose of our lives is to be happy. Covid-19 is amongst us, no one knows if it is here to stay or not. We must understand this is maybe the new normal; re-adjust, find new ways to make a living, live healthier and do not let social distancing lead to emotional distancing. Our lives are about our choices and despite the new normal; let’s try to be there for one another.’’

Portia Timbo, the owner of Plump Peach Boutique, focuses on purchasing sexy lingerie for women of size. She walks, talks and breathes self-confidence. Since joining the Love Yourself Campaign in 2017, she realised that beauty is not just skin deep but treasured. Portia believes in the power of self-love and motivating other women through constant plump talks on survival and being a woman who does it all, mother, sister, young grandmother and entrepreneur. 

‘’ For those suffering from breast cancer, we are all together in this. It’s time we hold each other’s hands and fix each other’s crowns.’’
Priscilla has also been nominated for this year’s NAMAs, in the category Best Afrikaans, with the song ‘Ek Is Vet’. True to her nature and her ability to express herself through song, this song remains another hit on radio stations, inspiring woman out there to love themselves regardless of their size, colour or background.

Caption: Glam squad...Love Yourself Campaign five years and still going strong.

Photos: Houghi Marais 

2020-10-09  Staff Reporter

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