• September 21st, 2020

LPM condemns rights violations in Zimbabwe

The Landless People’s Movement has added its voice to the chorus of growing condemnation of the unfolding political unrest in Zimbabwe where multiple accusations of violations of human rights have been reported against the government and Zanu-PF functionaries. 
The country’s president Emmerson Mnangagwa this week warned he would “flush” out political opponents protesting against alleged state corruption and the slumping economy.

 In a statement yesterday, the LPM accused Mnangagwa of failing to revive the Zimbabwean economy as promised in 2017 when he toppled former president Robert Mugabe and who left behind a divided legacy when he passed away last year. 
“Mnangagwa is on record for having promised there will be no more violence in his country and that he would embrace the ideas of the opposition. He has now back-flipped on that promise,” the LPM said yesterday. 

“Sadly, the kind of intimidation and violence familiar to many during Mugabe’s era have resurfaced under the Mnangagwa regime where systemic injustices to silence his rivals and to falsely project the will of the people under the guise of public protection has become the order of the day.” 
According to the LPM, activists in Zimbabwe, journalists and members of the opposition are being abused by the Mnangagwa regime for merely speaking out against human rights violations and corruption. 

“The beating and shooting of unarmed civilians in Harare’s streets is a daily occurrence that has shocked the world. Several prominent journalists, opposition leaders, lawyers and activists have been arrested with fabricated charges that they are inciting public violence. Many have not yet been granted bail,” the party said. 

“Their only sins were daring to expose corruption scandals including suspicious contracts related to Covid-19 supplies. Zimbabwe is currently facing one of the worst economic crises in the world with severe food shortages, an estimated 4.3 million rural population needing urgent assistance due to prolonged drought, power shortages, lack of access to clean water, fuel shortages, a high unemployment rate and now Covid-19.  The human rights violations have stark ramifications in a country that is already exacerbated by long-standing economic sanctions.” 
The opposition party added that security forces in Zimbabwe should not be given free reign on the streets to silence opposition members and human rights activists. 

“We call upon the African Union, SADC and all peace-loving nations to urgently act and intervene against the continued suppression and violence perpetrated by the Zanu-PF government against its people.”

Staff Reporter
2020-08-06 08:48:52 | 1 months ago

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