• October 24th, 2020

LPM likens ‘tribal’ politics to Rwanda

WINDHOEK – Landless People’s Movement (LPM) deputy leader and chief strategist Henny Seibeb has likened the current political climate in the country to that of Rwanda in the 1990s, warning that if not well guarded Namibia will end up with the same fate.

The 1990s Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi people is widely considered one of the worst mass slaughters in history, with an estimated 800 000 people killed over the course of three months. An estimated 70 percent of the Tutsi population was wiped out during the genocide. 

“We are worried about the increase in incidents of the re-ethnicisation of Namibian politics. This emerging dangerous trend must be stopped lest it lead to the same ethno-nationalism that caused bloodshed in Rwanda,” said the outspoken LPM leader.

“Let us learn from the past about the present. The ugly past refuses to remain behind us and resurfaces with alarming frequency and disquieting results,” said Seibeb at a party media briefing in the capital on Monday. 
“We have noticed how a mad person, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, tried to destroy an LPM poster but failed in her attempt. [Independent presidential candidate Panduleni] Itula fans [retaliated] by removing Hage Geingob’s posters and poking holes in them,” said Seibeb. 

But a much more worrying trend, he said, is the one of blocking opponents’ movements when doing their business of campaigns.

“Also to claim that there will be a civil war if Itula loses the elections is tantamount to authoritarianism. We will never let ethnic politics reign supreme. We will also retaliate. We won’t stand by and watch how some crazy would-be politicians, fuelled by former apartheid ruling parties try to destroy Namibia through unpopular means,” he said.

Seibeb further said LPM would not allow the elections to be rigged.
“The claims that Hage Geingob must be dragged out from his car and killed like they did with Samuel Doe in Liberia shall never be allowed in Namibia,” he said.

The LPM leader also called for a citizen’s arrest of both former minister of fisheries Bernhard Esau and justice counterpart Sacky Shanghala, as well as their co-accused James and Fitty Hatuikulipi.
He also called for investigations of prominent lawyer Sisa Namandje, suggesting his trust fund to be frozen until further notice “because we believe since he is so close to accused people, he may have also unjustifiably benefited”. 

“This must be cleared because … Bernhard Esau mentioned his name in one of the videos,” he said.
“The Law Society must further suspend his licence in terms of the Legal Practitioners Act until further notice. This must be to ensure that justice is served. Later today, we shall officially write a letter of complaint to the Law Society of Namibia and demand an audit,” he said.

Kuzeeko Tjitemisa
2019-11-22 07:53:27 | 11 months ago

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