• July 22nd, 2019
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LRCs donate food to fellow learners

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Tuulikki Abraham Aus-Members of Learner Representative Councils (LRCs) of 2018 from the Karasburg Combined School, Suiderlig High School and Tses Combined School in conjunction with the Aus Multipurpose Centre, went on a meagre diet for a week to save food for fellow learners at Marmer Primary School in Aus. Attending a leadership workshop in the village, members of the LRCs, from the three different schools in //Kharas Region, decided to share their foodstuffs for the week with Marmer hostel learners. The training helped learners in attendance to overcome their fears, weaknesses and to enhance their leadership skills. Speaking on the workshop and donation, Romeo van Staden from Suiderlig High School said, “It is really something worthy that all LRCs should attend and not miss out on. It was a lifetime experience and I have learned to wipe my tears and face my fears. “Also we are the first LRCs to take this opportunity (of donating)… to contribute to such an awesome project. We hope we will not be the last leaders to partake in such activities.”
New Era Reporter
2018-01-31 10:12:44 1 years ago

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