• April 25th, 2019
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Lüderitz pleased with housing project

Front Page News
Front Page News

Tuulikki Abraham LÜDERITZ - Construction of 58 Build Together houses in Lüderitz town that started last month will go a long way to roll back the acute shortage of houses at the coastal town. The Lüderitz Town Council facilitated the construction of the houses that are being built in accordance with the provisions of the guidelines and procedures of the Build Together program for low-income earners. The Acting CEO of the Lüderitz Town Council, Otto Shipanga said they invited local SMEs interested in constructing low-cost houses to participate. “Build Together housing beneficiaries were provided with a list of possible local contractors to choose from and to independently agree their respective terms and conditions prior to the signing of the contract. The project has started and the contractors are performing to our satisfaction.  Council is pleased with the progress of the project, even-though there are still challenges experienced with the availability of building material,” stated Shipanga. Council also made provision to construct middle-income houses in Donkerhoek, in Benguela, to alleviate the housing shortage that is prevalent countrywide.   The town council has made budgetary provision for the planning and construction of services of 60 erven at Benguela Extension 3, for low-cost housing that would cater for residents in the informal settlements of Area 7, Amilema and back-yard squatters, but preference will be given to those registered on its waiting list. The town council also intends to announce an “offer to purchase” tender for the already constructed 55 erven in Area 3, in Benguela and those on its list will also receive preference. “Despite council’s commitment to strive for continued economic growth and development of the town, there are major challenges hampering development such as land constrains and economic factors such as risks associated with the mining and fishing sectors mostly influenced by the threat of imminent strikes,” he said. He said the low prices on minerals and the closure of Elizabeth Bay mine, might translate in the slow-down of revenue collection for the council in future. Shipanga further called for interventions from central government to ensure it creates new revenue streams, that could transform the town’s economy and to ensure more fish is processed for export at the town.
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2018-06-22 09:35:44 10 months ago

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