• April 18th, 2019
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Lüderitz resident acquires supply vessel


Tuulikki Abraham Lüderitz-Peter Sylvester - a born and bred resident of Lüderitz has completed the acquisition of an offshore supply vessel valued at N$6 milion christened ‘Sakawe Surveyor,’ from Sakawe Mining Corporation (Samicor). Samicor had been utilising the vessel primarily as a supply vessel to their mining fleet, and since 2011 as a seabed sampling and surveying vessel. The vessel was deemed surplus to requirements at the start of 2017 and consequently a decision was made to dispose of it. Sylvester, who was employed as the captain on board the vessel since 2008, saw an opportunity to enter the exclusive offshore supply industry, and after agreeing terms and conditions with the management of Samicor, the deal was finalised the end of 2017. The vessel will operate from Lüderitz as a supply vessel. The 33-metre steel hull vessel is purpose built and perfect for transporting supplies between Lüderitz and the marine mining fleet. The cargo carrying capacity on deck is in excess of 33 metric tonnes and in addition to the ample deck space the vessel can transport 100 cubic metres of diesel fuel for bunkering purposes, and 70 cubic metres of fresh water. At present, there are two marine mining companies operating off the coast of Namibia. De Beers Marine operates a fleet of six vessels offshore from Oranjemund, and Nutam operates two vessels that are mining closer to Lüderitz. Sylvester has offered the services of his vessel to both these entities. The vessel manned by an eight-member crew -recruited locally- will contribute immensely to curbing the escalating unemployment problem in the town. The vessel will immediately sail to Walvis Bay for its annual dry docking at the Namport synchrolift facility, and will be ready to commence operations mid-month. Sylvester has expressed gratitude towards the management of Samicor for giving the opportunity to a local resident to be the first in Namibia to own and operate a proper purpose built supply vessel.
New Era Reporter
2018-02-12 10:20:37 1 years ago

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