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Ludick joins French club

2021-08-10  Maurice Kambukwe

Ludick joins French club

Namibian international lock Ruan Ludick has recently joined French rugby side, Sporting Club Appaméen.  

The player’s former club, FNB Wanderers Rugby Club, last week took to their Facebook page to announce the signing and although they couldn’t disclose the duration of his contract, revealed Ludick is likely to spend the whole season with the European club.

In an interview yesterday with this publication, FNB Wanderers Rugby Club chairman, Willem van Zyl said it is an important move for the player as well as the nation at large, because the move will assist the national team in different ways.

“I am wishing him all the best for his new journey, and all the new challenges that lie ahead. It’s a good move for him given the fact that local rugby has now been put on ice. This will be very key for the national team who are also fighting to qualify for the Rugby World Cup, so it’s very important that the move has come at the right time, because his expertise will be needed,” he said.

Ludick was part of the Welwitschias’ team that qualified for next year’s Africa Cup after their Africa Cup Pool A qualifiers in Ivory Coast last month.

Weighing in at 116kg and with a height of 2.08m, Ludick (26) is seen as a major reinforcement for the checkerboard pack in Ariège’s second row.

The Namibian international with 18 caps has played in Wales for a few months in the local championship with Mertyr, the Ronda Valley team.

Located in the heart of a region that takes a passion for the oval ball, Sporting Club Appaméen is naturally confronted with other clubs of the Ariège such as US Foix, Saint-Girons SC or the Stade Lavelanétien.


2021-08-10  Maurice Kambukwe

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