• December 3rd, 2020

Major restructuring in Namibian police

The Inspector-General of the Namibian police Sebastian Ndeitunga in a major re-organisation has appointed Commissioner Moritz Norres !Naruseb to head the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID).

!Naruseb takes over from seasoned police investigator, Commissioner Nelius Becker who headed the CID directorate for nearly a year.
In a press statement, police spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Kaunapawa Shikwambi stated !Naruseb was promoted from the rank of Deputy Commissioner to that of a Commissioner to head CID.

!Naruseb is an experienced detective with 25 years of dealing with organised crime investigations.  
According to Shikwambi, Ndeitunga transferred and appointed Becker as head of the Forensic Science Institute. Becker will be taking over from national forensic expert, Doctor Paul Stefan Ludik, who will be retiring at the end of August. 
Becker’s term will start from 1 September.

Ndeitunga further appointed Commissioner Elias Mutota as the new head of the Special Field Force Directorate and his previous position as head of Special Branch Directorate will be filled by Deputy Commissioner Michael Abraham who was since promoted to rank of Commissioner. 
“The Inspector General, the management, rank and file and civilian component of the Namibian Police Force is proud of the senior officer’s continuous commitment, leadership and the dedicated policing service toward the Namibian nation,” said Shikwambi.  

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2020-07-16 08:47:45 | 4 months ago

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