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Makhosi launches job, sale, bids search app

2021-06-02  Aletta Shikololo

Makhosi launches job, sale, bids search app
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Mpatelo, a geo-location-based mobile application that brings the power of trade back into the hands of people, has announced its official launch on Android devices.

The simple, yet innovative platform brings bids, promotions, notices, vacancies, news, etc. into the gig economy by connecting entities such as businesses and institutions to users.

The start-up was created by a local engineer and self-taught app developer Alloyce Makhosi, who built the Mpatelo app over the course of two years.

Mpatelo, which translates ‘a place where kids meet and play mostly at night in villages’ in Silozi, was designed to be an effortless process from start to finish.

“In these times of Covid-19, digital is the way forward, and Mpatelo makes it easy for users to find information such as promotions, notices, vacancies, bids, news, and so forth in one place,” explained Makhosi.

He said they also offer a platform for online stores in Namibia to connect to their users via the app because when it comes to the digital aspect, information is scattered everywhere; one can’t easily find online stores in Namibia.

“Mpatelo puts all these together and we link these stores directly; we even redirect users to their websites or contacts.”

Asked what inspired this innovation, Makhosi said he was surprised to learn how many online stores in Namibia do not have a centralised platform. 

“I also struggled to find promotions and vacancies, so the frustration of having to miss sales simply made it difficult because I was not aware of how it really inspired me.”

Although the app was launched in March 2021, Makhosi said they have only started building traction on the usage recently.

“I started working on this idea in 2018. I have done lots of iterations since then to get to what it is now and finally launched it.” 

According to Makhosi, ‘Mpatelo’ is the first and only app currently in the country that offers this kind of digital solution.

“This app brings together Namibian digital content under one place, especially for the age group that does not have social media.” 


2021-06-02  Aletta Shikololo

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