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Malicious social media post torments Avihe's family

2019-03-29  Selma Ikela

Malicious social media post torments Avihe's family

WINDHOEK - “They keep tormenting me. Today is the 28th and [marks] seven months [since my daughter’s passing],”  said the  late Cheryl Avihe Ujaha’s mother about a post circulating on social media alleging that she has been arrested in connection with her death. 

“When they write these things. Did they see where I am? Who does this?” an emotional Sylvia Pekaa Kaimu said when she was contacted for comment regarding the post. 

The post , not the only one, claimed Kaimu received a million dollars from a Chinese man in connection with her daughter’s death and she has been arrested. The post also states her bank account has been frozen. 

But Namibian police spokesperson Kauna Shikwambi told New Era that Avihe’s mother has not been arrested.  
The dismembered body of Ujaha, 9, who was a Grade 3 pupil at Gammams Primary School in Khomasdal, was discovered the morning of August 28 last year in a riverbed near Staanvas in Katutura after her family reported she had gone missing two days earlier.

Ujaha was described by her aunt as a smart learner who always received diplomas at school.
When New Era contacted Kaimu yesterday, she said she was at Koblenz in Okakarara constituency and  was unaware of the social media post until she started receiving calls and text messages.

“My friend called me. My parents also called to ask where I am and I told them I am doing my nails. My phone was on the charger and when I switched it on, I received calls and SMS’s were flooding in,” stated Kaimu before giving her aunt the phone for the reporter to confirm her whereabouts. The unnamed aunt who introduced herself as a teacher asked: “What type of people are these that post such things on Facebook? Where did they get the right to do that?” before returning the phone to Kaimu.

But Kaimu got emotional and sobbed while narrating her pain of losing her daughter: “Today is seven months since my daughter’s passing. I can’t understand you guys. Why do you do this?” she wept before cutting the call.

Kaimu’s older sister Batseba Kaimu Hengari, who New Era also contacted, added that her sister has not healed and it is difficult for the family.  She said she couldn’t understand that while the family was in grief someone could send such message (s) on Facebook. “I received the post now from my friend and I am not in the mood. It is difficult and they are playing with our feelings.  Leave us in peace, it is hard on us,” she said. Hengari added this post(s) always surfaces on 28th, the day Ujaha was killed.

Namibian Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi told New Era: “I can confirm that our investigation on the matter is ongoing. Avihe’s mother has not been arrested,” she said.

Shikwambi added it is a sensitive and complex case and she couldn’t confirm anything as it will jeopardise their investigations. “Whoever is the initiator (social media posts) we don’t know. If they have more information they should consult the police instead of going to social media,” she urged.

Shikwambi further said that it won’t help to create unfounded allegations. “They should come to the police and give necessary information and resolve the issue for justice to take its course.” 

The police have offered N$100 000 to anyone with information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator(s) of the heinous crime that remains unresolved as the suspect/s remain at large.

2019-03-29  Selma Ikela

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