• August 15th, 2020

Malulu aims for sustainable production of local school uniforms

WINDHOEK - In some parts of the world, tailoring is regarded as pastime. Conversely, Fiina Malulu, considers tailoring to be an activity which may positively impact Namibia’s economy if her business concept is supported locally. Malulu, who is self-employed in the tailoring industry, is the owner of Fojarat Investment cc, a local business that designs, produces and repairs clothing for all Namibian age groups.

She has been sewing since the age of 14 and prides herself on providing a high level of service to customers. “I have been self-employed as a tailor for the past 30 years. My motto is to give quality service to the local community who are my customers,” says Malulu.

Although she holds a certificate in sewing, a thirst for business growth has always circled around her. “It is against this context that I was filled with much enthusiasm when I was selected to participate in the Entrepreneurship Training Programme”, says Malulu. 

The Entrepreneurship Training Programme, which is supported by Team Namibia and the Embassy of Finland, served the purpose of equipping Katutura-based SME’s with extensive knowledge on how to operate a business effectively and efficiently. As a result, local SME’s are in a better position to offer more satisfactory products and services, which in turn helps to persuade consumers to purchase locally. 

With her research, Malulu identified that most tailors in Katutura do not focus on a certain type of attire. Therefore, as part of developing Fojarat Investment, Malulu intends to fill a niche in the market by concentrating on manufacturing school uniforms, particularly for schools in Katutura. “My plan is to provide a sustainable production of school uniforms for schools in Katutura”, says Malulu. 

Bearing in mind that Namibia is undergoing an economic crisis, Malulu’s business quest brings along economic benefits. In agreement, Bärbel Kirchner, Account Director of Team Namibia said: “Our local SME’s need the total support as, not only are they proactive in generating their income but, with

growth they can also create employment for others. All school uniforms should indeed be produced locally”. – Team Namibia

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Caption: Fiina Malulu (Photo: Team Namibia)



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