• November 18th, 2018
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Man almost loses nose in brutal fight

Crime and Courts
Crime and Courts

Selma Ikela Windhoek-A Katutura man is celebrating his 27th birthday with a heavy heart after a cousin apparently disfigured his face by slashing his nose with a broken bottle during a vicious fight over the weekend. The victim, Ronald Gaoeb, a resident of Damara location says he was stabbed by his cousin on Saturday morning inside his residence after his cousin stormed into their house following an earlier altercation between the two. Gaoeb was left with a seriously disfigured nose. He told New Era that he stepped into the street at around 09h00 am on Saturday morning, where his intoxicated cousin grabbed him by the neck. Gaoeb says he retaliated by hitting him on the head, but there was no blood. He said they wrestled for a short time; whereafter Gaoeb soon returned to the house, thinking the fight was over, but his nephew followed him minutes later with a broken bottle and attacked him. “He cut the nostril open, which was left hanging, but the doctor stitched it back. Then he proceeded to cut the nose tip off,” said Gaoeb, with a swollen face as he showed this reporter the injuries he sustained. In addition to the injured nose, he also sustained deep cut wounds on his wrists, as he tried to block his unidentified cousin from stabbing him. Gaoeb’s cousin, who lives in the same neighbour, has not yet been arrested. Gaoeb wanted to open a police case yesterday, but could not as the doctor who treated him was not available to sign the J88 form, which he needs to take to the police station. Nampol spokesperson deputy commissioner Kanguatjivi explained that a J88 form, is a diagram which contains the sketch of the human body, where the doctor pinpoints areas of injuries and describes the seriousness or otherwise of such injuries. Gaoeb said: “I forgive him, but the police and justice must get involved. Will I ever get a job with a face looking like this? He disfigured me,” said the young Gaoeb in a soft and downhearted tone. The unemployed Gaoeb earned an income doing odd job in his neighbourhood by raking yards and painting. He was also left with a N$2,000 ambulance bill to pay after he was transported to the hospital by the emergency services ambulance. He does not know how he will settle the bill, as none of the 14 people at his house are employed. His mother, Rebecca, added that young people need to be assisted in securing jobs in order to keep themselves busy. She condemns domestic violence and said she always tried to inculcate the virtues of good discipline in her children. “I always talk to them, but the problem is our children don’t listen to what elders are saying. And the biggest problem is alcohol consummation and the fighting,” Rebecca remarked. Alcohol allows the smallest words or actions to spiral out of proportion,” she noted.
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