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Man falls victim to crocodile attack

2021-03-17  John Muyamba

Man falls victim to crocodile attack
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RUNDU – An incident where a 30-year-old man is suspected to have fallen victim to a crocodile attack while taking a bath on the banks of the Kavango River was reported in the Musese constituency. 

According to the police, the incident occurred at Gcwagi village in Kavango West, some 70km east of Nkurenkuru, late Monday afternoon. At the time of going to print yesterday, his remains were not yet discovered.  “When our officers were informed of the incident, we alerted the colleagues from the ministry of environment but when they got there, it was too dark for a search in the river. 

The victim is a Namibian male of 30 years old from Gcwagi village,” said Kavango West police Commissioner Josephat Abel. Abel cautioned inhabitants who depend and live along the river to be cautious when fetching water or bathing as crocodiles are unpredictable.

According to information from environment officials, the victim was allegedly at the river bathing before disappearing in the middle of the river. Ministry of environment’s deputy director for the north eastern regions Appollinaris Kanyinga said they have dispatched a team of officials to go and search the river but no luck in finding the body of the alleged victim. 

“The body is not yet recovered and no sign of  a crocodile in the said area yet,” Kanyinga said.






2021-03-17  John Muyamba

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