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WHERE ARE NOW? Mappz brings the fire of the nation

2021-03-05  Aletta Shikololo

WHERE ARE NOW? Mappz brings the fire of the nation
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Although this incredible gem of a rapper might have a history of going MIA on his music fans, he finally announced the release of his second album Omdilo woshiwana, which translates to the fire of the nation, set to be released in a few months.

Popularly known for creating a unique depth in his music, Mathew Kapofi also known as Mappz says he has been preoccupied with radio and TV production work, however, he has been recording new singles and doing collaborations over the years.

“I would not say I am out of the spotlight because I am on radio and TV almost every day but in terms of the music scene, I dabble in it where I can, it is my passion so I can never let it go. I just believe in creating quality material so I take my time and make sure it’s to a certain standard that we are happy with,” said Mappz, justifying why he has been off the mic for a while.

Being in the music industry for 15 years, Mappz has grown to be one of the MCs and renowned rappers in the country.

Giving his opinion of the current music industry, he believes it has advanced swiftly.

“Artists and producers can use social media to share their work and merchandise with people from all over the world and work with other creatives as well. Way back it was not easy to get such contacts and let alone get endorsement deals from companies such as Top Score, MTC, NBL, or Coca Cola, now we are seeing more artists working with some of these corporates and aligning their music with Namibian fashion designers and movie directors as well,” he said.

He further added that seeing more collaborations and input in the music business makes him proud to be part of these transitions as he works with aspiring and established musicians.


Dos and Don’ts in the music industry

As an experienced artist, Mappz shared sometimes how an artist can manoeuvre in the fast-growing but competitive industry.

Show up early for meetings and events, so you can familiarise yourself with the settings, always try to look presentable.

Protect your brand at all times, be selective with the people you spend a lot of time with-rather get a crew that understands your brand and what you all want to achieve, be wary of people who have negative self-talk or towards you and what you do.

Focus on the good things that you have accomplished and celebrate small achievements (remember why you started).

Don’t slack, always invest in your brand and practice when you can.


2021-03-05  Aletta Shikololo

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