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Marathon chicken

2020-07-10  Staff Reporter

Marathon chicken
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What makes marathon chicken, marathon chicken? What gives it that ting? I explored this and I’m ready to share with you.

It’s easy to find cleaned marathon chicken but when you cook it, it lack that ting. You know what I’m talking about right? I’ve discovered it’s the smokey taste.
I used a normal braai stand to smoke my chicken. Used a mixture of store-bought coals and wood chips I got from the wood guys at single quarters. Placed the chicken on a clean grill over hot coals (you must be able to feel the heat 20cm away from the coals). Take a pot and cover the chicken while it’s on the grill. Smoke for 5-10 minutes on each side, turning it often. 

Cooking the chicken
Smoked marathon chicken 
2 Tablespoon Paprika 
2 Tablespoon crushed black pepper
A small piece of Elumelinyika
Salt to taste
Odjove to taste 
1.5 litres of water

Place the marathon chicken in the pot with the paprika and crushed black pepper with water. Let it boil over medium heat for 1 hour. Add the Elumelinyika and salt. Allow it to boil down and fry the chicken in its fat. If the fat is not enough, add ghee (cow butter).
After it has browned to your liking, take it off the heat and drizzle it with Odjove.

Recipe Notes:
You can add onions and garlic too instead of the Elumelinyika. If you don’t have any, a little curry and tomato paste gives it a lovely colour and taste as well. 
I made this chicken over and over again till I got it right with the direction of Kandali Nekomba on how to use certain ingredients and Iyaloo Ashikoto on different types of smoking techniques. Thank you, foodie friends. 
Please enjoy and let me know if you tried this recipe and how it was. You can reach me on across all social media networks at Ila Tulye Kitchen. 


2020-07-10  Staff Reporter

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