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Maria Nepembe gets the jab … details her experience

2021-07-27  Staff Reporter

Maria Nepembe gets the jab … details her experience

Youtuber and TV actress Maria Nepembe is the latest Nalebrity to get vaccinated for Covid-19. 

This is, however, a partnership with Old Mutual in an effort to encourage Namibians to get vaccinated for Covid-19.

Maria took to Instagram to announce her partnership with Old Mutual. In the lengthy post, she said: “I am proud to have partnered with the @oldmutualnamibia vaccination campaign that aims to encourage, educate and inform my peers about COVAX” 

“These times are extremely scary – and just like everyone else, I want things to go back to normal. Covid has taken a lot from us and continues to take even more. We are all scared – and with so much information circulating (both true and false), making the decision to get vaccinated was not easy for me. With enough research, I chose to trust the many doctors and scientists encouraging us to get vaccinated.” 

“The process was very easy. First, I sat down with a nurse, who explained to me exactly how the vaccine works. The nurse then took my blood pressure and temperature to make sure I’m well enough to take the vaccine. After that, I was ready to get vaccinated. I cried just a little bit after seeing the needle but it was not painful at all. After vaccination, I was kept under supervision for 30 minutes so the nurses could monitor my side effects. I didn’t have any by the way. I read somewhere that if I consume a lot of hot beverages before and after, I won’t get any side effects.” 

“I strongly believe that the vaccines are the only way things can be normal again, as it drastically reduces fatality and infection rates. Stay safe, guys. Wear your masks, wash your hands, sanitise and maintain social distance.” 

Social media had a lot to say about this partnership. These were some of their reactions:


@eve_namupala said: “So proud of you for taking up this big step. So many millennials and literally all young people look up to you; thank you for using that as a tool to help educate them and ensure them that the vaccine is completely safe and help them understand that it is our only shot at getting things a little bit back to normal...” 


@jonny.mpapa said: “But in the end, you were brave to face your fear. Congratulations”. 


@kpillest said: “Now this is great!”. 


@_twinfluencers said: “Informative; Thank you”. 

@nangolo_elizabeth said: “Well done️”. 



2021-07-27  Staff Reporter

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