• September 28th, 2020

Mayor’s trust reaches out to the vulnerable

KEETMANSHOOP – As part of its core objective to assist vulnerable members of the community, the Keetmanshoop Mayor’s Trust recently handed over school uniforms, beddings, educational materials school children, needy parents and the town’s Covid-19 isolation centre. 
Chairperson of the trust Nicoletta Kamahene said the world now lives in extremely challenging economic times, and that any contribution made to supplement endeavours of the Namibian government to ease economic hardships encountered is always commendable.
 “In this regard, as trustees, although we have only limited resources to our disposal, took the decision in line with its objectives to assist vulnerable school children,” she said. The chairperson added two learners were identified in each grade at Mina Sachs and Don Bosco primary schools to benefit from assistance provided by the trust. 

She continued that they then bought sets of school uniforms for 31 learners as well as three more for St. Matthias Primary School learners whose parents requested such assistance at a total cost of N$9 884. 
“Initially, the intention was that these school uniforms be handed over to the schools and parents at the beginning of this year – but unfortunately, due to the schools’ closure as a result of the Covid-19 impact, this could not have been done earlier,” Kamahene then explained. 
In view of this impact, the members of the trust deemed it appropriate to contribute in a manner possible to supplement government efforts in combating the further spread of the coronavirus by virtue of donating needed items to the Keetmanshoop isolation centre. 

“The trustees, therefore, approved the donation of the items at display here that include blankets, sheets, curtains, pillows, some educational materials, toys for children and full sets of water dispensers at a combined cost of approximately N$30 000,” Kamahene emphasised. 
Referring to recent Nampa reports, indicating the trust to be perceived dormant – and that complaints were received from unhappy community members whose requests for assistance have been turned down, she, in the interest of clarity, responded that it (trust) actively played its role since inception in September 2018. 
“The financials of the trust are currently being audited and will soon be available,” she said.
 In terms of the purpose of the trust, she explained it was established to assist vulnerable members of the community, including those who have fallen prey to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, senior citizens, needy learners and unemployed single mothers. 
Kamahene concluded that the trust can only do this, provided funds are available.

During the handing over of the school uniforms, //Kharas Regional Director of Education Arts and Culture Awebahe Johannes ||Hoeseb said some parents can no longer afford to fulfil their family’s basic needs, including buying school uniforms for their school-going children due to the tough socio-economic challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

 “Wearing a school uniform frees a learner of the stress of what to wear in the morning to school and improve the self-esteem of a learner,” he said. ||Hoeseb also expressed his profound gratitude towards the trust for assisting the needy learners with uniforms.
Sandra !Owoses, regional health director for //Kharas, while receiving the donated items on behalf of the Keetmanshoop isolation facility, said the region is going through a difficult spell due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 
“On behalf of the health ministry and the region, in particular, we are very grateful for this much-needed donation aimed towards improving living conditions of our coronavirus infected patients,’’ she added. 
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Steven Klukowski
2020-09-17 09:51:56 | 11 days ago

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