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Mbumba wants to see result-oriented culture

2020-12-07  Albertina Nakale

Mbumba wants to see result-oriented culture
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Vice President Nangolo Mbumba says Namibia is good at planning and must now become excellent at execution. 
“We must narrow our focus, by prioritizing interventions with the greatest multiplier effect and embracing a results-oriented performance culture. We will achieve these goals through integrated planning and excellence in the public service,” Mbumba told his fellow Cabinet members and executive directors on Friday during the closing of a two-day Cabinet retreat in the capital.

Mbumba also said government officials can and will achieve execution goals by renewing their mindsets to a culture of doing more with less and doing things differently. 
He emphasised as ministers and executive directors, they must add speed and agility in their decision making.
Through the group breakaway sessions, the delegation reached a consensus on their top three developmental priorities. These are agriculture and securing food security; education; and the provision of urban housing. 

The presentation by the Bank of Namibia governor Johannes !Gawaxab confirmed government must act resolutely and expeditiously, to regain financial stability and safeguard macro-economic sovereignty. 
Two key recommendations were the need to diversify Namibia’s exports and, to upskill and reskill the national workforce.
“We have an opportunity to create an attractive environment for the private sector to play a meaningful role in our development. And this can only be done by us as the government - that means by Cabinet ministers, deputy ministers, governors, and senior government officials,” Mbumba noted. 

Furthermore, he said the demands and expectations of the people for better services and employment opportunities are legitimate. 
“As our President often states, this is a sign of hope. People can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we should not disappoint them.”

He mentioned “we” are living and leading in extraordinary times, adding this is an unprecedented moment for all the nations of the world and humanity at large. 

Therefore, he encouraged, as members of the highest decision making institution of the country, they must embrace these challenges as opportunities for transformation. “We must be determined to confront and overcome these great odds and triumph over them. We should, therefore, continue to put the triple challenges of poverty eradication, job creation, and inclusive growth at the centre of our developmental agenda. Our President quotes from time to time, renowned economist and Prof. Joseph Stiglitz that, “Growth that is not shared, will not be sustainable.”

2020-12-07  Albertina Nakale

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