• August 8th, 2020

Meatco gets remainder of Norwegian beef export quota

WINDHOEK – Meatco has been awarded the remainder of the 1,600 tonnes of the Norwegian beef quota.  
Meatco initially received 1,300 and subsequently another 229,5 tonnes.  Meatco’s chief financial officer, Ilana Brown, says the additional tonnage comes at a crucial time when the company needs to maximise the revenue of every kilogramme exported.  The current allocation can be seen as a result of Meatco having been able to fulfil its Norway export quotas in previous years.  

In 2018, Meatco received 1,300 tonnes and Brukkaros 300 tonnes, and thus far they managed to use 70,5 tonnes and the remaining 229,5 tonnes was re-allocated to Meatco after Brukarros stopped slaughtering a few weeks ago. So in total Meatco received 1,529.50 tonnes of the Norway quota for 2018.  “By fulfilling the quota we have proven to the Norwegian authorities that we have the capacity and capability to fully utilise the allocated and additional quota in future,” says Brown.
By continuously fulfilling the quota Meatco continues serving niche markets and placing the Natures Reserve product range onto shelves that will bring maximum yields for their producers, adds Brown. 

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2018-09-11 10:18:09 | 1 years ago

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