• August 5th, 2020

Meatco sharpens its vision

Meatco chief executive officer Mwilima Mushokabanji has announced the parastatal’s new vision as “a world-class meat brand, creating sustainable wealth for all Namibians.”

“We put this to practice by guaranteeing that our clients get consistently high-quality products every single time. We do not compromise on the quality of our beef. It is the best or nothing, at all times, in order to keep the trust our clients have in our meat,” said the youthful Mushokabanji. 
Mushokabanji says a well-defined organisational vision establishes both long-term and short-term goals, empowers and motivates leaders as well as followers in implementing change and strengthening their adaptive mechanisms for staying ahead in the competitive race.
Meatco board of directors recently approved Meatco’s revised vision as “clear vision = consistent communication, consistent communication = less left to chance, less left to chance = greater predictability and greater predictability = long-term success”.

Meatco is now classified as a commercial public enterprise under the Public Enterprises Governance Act (PEGA), which was gazetted in 2019. The PEGA came into force during January this year.
As such, Meatco’s management has vowed to work closely with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform as well as the Ministry of Public Enterprises in terms of policy and strategic guidance. 

Staff Reporter
2020-07-28 10:29:07 | 8 days ago

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