• August 14th, 2020

Meatco’s turnaround strategy paying dividends, says CEO

WINDHOEK - After one of its most turbulent years, acting CEO of Meatco Jannie Breytenbach says the Meatco board of directors strongly believes the company as per their vision can still be the preferred marketing channel for Namibian livestock farmer and to promote the most sought-after meat brands in the long-term interest of our stakeholders.

He noted this at the last special members meeting of Meatco for 2018, when announcing that with the just ended early voluntary retirement and voluntary retrenchment, Meatco managed to reduce the staff compliments from 989 to 704 costing an annual saving of N$40 million. 

“To date, since the turnaround strategy was adopted in June 2018, Meatco have been paying competitive prices since March 5 and made marketing access to Meatco for farmers much easier with less documentation and the launch of its booking App.  Discussion are on-going to enable Meatco to establish outlets for all types / ages of cattle,” he observed.  
He informed the members that relationship building mechanism such as the feedback session to members are ongoing and nominations for commercial group has taken place.  “Meatco’s global market access continues to be successful, to date – one sample container was sent into the US market targeting “NeverEver Consumer”.  
These are consumers in the US who believe in never ever using hormones.    

The meeting was for the Meatco Board to provide feedback on the turnaround strategies of the business to members as per the resolutions adopted at June 22 AGM.  Feedback on the Turnaround Strategy 2018/19. Meatco has so far increase cattle numbers, increase efficiencies, bettered cash flow management, improved stakeholder relationship and tend to the Northern Communal Area (NCA).

Breytenbach says that globally there are about 1 billion cattle in the world and Meatco contributes about 0.00023 percent of global beef.  Meatco’s share of the cattle marketed 2016 vs 2017 – statistics provided by the Meat Board of Namibia is presented in the below graph. 

Rosa Hamukuaja – Thobias,   manager: corporate affairs says the second part of the meeting special members meeting also saw commercial farmers nominating four members for the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry’s consideration to appoint a member that will serve on the Meatco Board representing commercial interest group.    

The four nominated members are Dr Charl-Thom Bayer, Heiko Rainer Binding, Wilfried Pack and Kay-Dieter Rumpf.    Nominee Rumpf, received the overhelming nominee votes from the farmers.   He was the former Southern African Livestock Value Chain Forum Chairperson, under SACAU in South Africa/Pretoria for three years. 

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