• April 20th, 2019
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Mel, Ham and friends rock Warehouse Theatre

Carlos Kambaekwa They came, they saw and they conquered, almost blowing the roof off a packed to the rafters Warehouse Theatre in Windhoek, recently. A group of young Namibian artistes combined their musical talents to relay their life journeys experienced beyond the borders of their native land. Led by Melanie Aiff, who goes by the stage name of Mel Mwevi, the seven piece group entertained revelers with a live musical performance while at the same time illustrating their life experiences with a measure of virtuosity way belying their tender age. In a brief conversation with New Era, one of the illustrators’ main attractions during the Couch Sessions, HAM, detailed the background on the origin of the idea. A first of its kind on Namibian shores, Mark Mushiva, also known as “Decoy Octopus” in the entertainment circles, generally known as the front man for the popular Hip-Hop group, Black Vulcanite, sent the crowd into frenzy. The lively “Octopus” certainly did not disappoint as he drove those who came out in large numbers on the edge of their seats with his perfectly well articulated narration of his life experience. Amongst the other performers that caught the eye on the night were; Ashwyn Mberi, a popular Television presenter, who has in the past hosted numerous live shows all over the country. ‘Mel (Mwevi) is an extremely popular singer/songwriter/poet armed with an impressive resume in the entertainment business. She boasts a remarkable record of having staged sold out events in Namibia (Warehouse) and all over Cape Town,’ HAM revelaed. HAM further stated that the cast did not really have a set purpose since it was just an opportunity for each invited artist to showcase their unique sounds, messages and present whatever themes mattered to each of them. The artistes covered very informative topics such as Pan-Africanism, love, capitalism, homecoming to Namibia (specifically Windhoek), black pride, political occurrences, current affairs and many other issues of public interest. “We are all just Namibians that have been living abroad except for H and Ashwyn and for many of us, particularly Mark and I. This was in fact the first time for us to perform on home turf for a very long time,” enthusiasts HAM.
New Era Reporter
2018-01-26 10:40:10 1 years ago

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