• June 6th, 2020

Men’s health: check the basics 

It always amuses me when I see men spending hours in the gym to build (only) big muscles. I see many of them only lifting heavy dumbbells without doing any cardio exercises. Yes, a body with good healthy muscle mass may represent masculinity, but good health encompasses more than just that. We are ending our month-long focus on men’s health with a checklist on the key elements considered to be a strong, healthy man. While we largely spend time discussing poor health and its associated factors with related practical tips on how to improve our health, we will alter that slightly in this edition. Today we look at the flip side: what does it take to be healthy? 

It remains crucial for all of us to take charge of our own health. Just like women, men need to have regular visits to the doctor and need to engage in activities considered good and favourable to their health. While regular check-ups are essential, the following easy-to-follow guide may help our male readers to determine whether they are healthy or not. All you need to do is tick the box if you can answer positive to the item: 

•    A resting heart rate of 70-75 beats per minute. This is the number of times the heart beats while you rest. Your heart needs to be strong and able to support your bodily functions, and is a great overall indicator of your fitness. 

•    Pink nails that is smooth and firm to touch. No, we don’t mean to send you of for a manicure! Finger nails reveal a lot about one’s health. Thick yellow nails may indicate chronic respiratory disease, while indentations called Beau’s lines may indicate diabetes.

•    Urine that has a pale yellow colour. Dark urine indicates dehydration, while blood-stained urine may direct to a serious health problem, so keep your eyes on that stream.

•    You ejaculate at least a teaspoon full of semen. The volume of semen declines with age, but a healthy middle aged man should ejaculate 2-5 millilitres of semen, grey/white in colour and sticky. So, if your eruption is less than a third of a teaspoon, it may be suggestive of an underlying health issue such as diabetes. I guess it is time to keep that spoon by the bedside!

•    You can perform 20 straight, full push-ups. This is a good benchmark of what a typical male should be able to do to determine physical fitness and strength. 

•    Your bowel movements are the same every day. Your number two should be soft, regular and around the same time every day. 

•    You are able to wake up without an alarm, the same time every day. Staying well rested is critical for good health. A dysfunctional internal rhythm may be a reminder to go to bed earlier at night.

•    Your body mass index is between 18-25 with a waist of 94 cm or less. Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial to good health. Obesity is a risk factor for diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer.

•    You know the date of your last full medical exam. An annual, full medical examination is a must. Just do it!

We need healthy, strong and focused men in this world. We need you to be emotionally and physically present in our lives, so that our families can be well and resilient. While the above list is not necessarily complete and exhausted, it surely helps to identify real health problems. If any of the items is a cause for concern, seek help. Be brave! Be pro-active. Be healthy!

* Karin Husselmann is the CEO and Founder of B-Healthi Coaching and Training CC. She writes on public health and lifestyle issues, offer support with smoking cessation and assist corporate clients with general health and wellness of employees.

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