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Meriam is finally coming back home… as she gears up for her birthday

2021-10-05  Staff Reporter

Meriam is finally coming back home… as she gears up for her birthday
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After three years abroad, one of Namibia’s models, Meriam Kaxuxwena, is finally coming back home. She revealed this in an Instagram post.

Meriam will be celebrating her 29th birthday and said everyone is welcome to her party. She is known to host spectacular celebrations for her birthday, and this year, it seems she will be going all out again and we cannot wait to witness all the glitz and glamour.

Meriam is also known for her lavish lifestyle on social media. She always gives a sneak peek of her day-to-day activities. She is constantly seen eating out, drinking the most expensive champagne, and spending money on shopping sprees.

Many wonder how she affords her lifestyle. Responding to this question, she said: “I’m not having a luxury lifestyle. I just celebrate the gift of life that God gave us.”

The model has travelled to among others, the Maldives, Dubai, Turkey, New York, London and Portugal. It cannot be denied that her no-nonsense attitude has gotten her into trouble a few times. However, she has always put on a brave face and pushed through any obstacle or curveball the industry has thrown at her.

She is no stranger to empowering quotes on Instagram. One reads: “I am completely guilty of sticking to my comfort zone at times, but I’m learning that I only have one life and I can’t live it in fear or worry about others all the time. I have to try new things and learn to explore beyond what I know. This applies to anything and everything in life! See a cute guy or girl walking past you? Compliment them!”

Meriam recently shared a fun night out with friends on Instagram and left everyone shaken after she flaunted stacks of dollars on her Instagram. With her newfound Instagram fame and various overseas modelling gigs, it appears the model is raking in a whole lot of cash and can afford to spend that money as she wishes.


2021-10-05  Staff Reporter

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