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Meriam Kaxuxwena splashes dollars...makes it rain in Miami

2021-05-11  Staff Reporter

Meriam Kaxuxwena splashes dollars...makes it rain in Miami
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Model and former Miss Universe, Meriam Kaxuxwena has been living it up overseas. For a while now, the model often takes to her social media to flaunt her fabulous life. She shares everything from her hanging with Floyd Mayweather to her sharing pictures of herself in a mouth-watering bikini on the tranquil beaches of the Bahamas. The Namibian native is no stranger to the jet-set lifestyle and has been in sunny Miami, Florida for a while now. It seems like she plans on living there for a while, she even put it on her Instagram bio.

Recently, the international took to Instagram to share a fun night out with her friends to her followers. She shocked her Instagram followers by flaunted stacks of dollars. With her newfound fame and various overseas modelling gigs, the model seems to be raking in a whole lot of cash and can afford to spend that money as she wishes. 

She made sure to spend all that money which would convert to potentially thousands of Namibian dollars. She spent the money in the most shocking way at a Miami strip club, showering barely dressed strippers with hundreds of American dollar bills. While they gave her an intimate lap dance.

This is not too surprising as the model has made it known that she supports women taking control of their bodies and doing what they like with their bodies.

 As the founder of both a lingerie company and swimwear company and having graced the world stage in bikinis and lingerie, it is clear to see that Meriam is a big proponent of women owning their sexuality.

The strippers were not on a stage relatively far from the pageant queen, instead two strippers were seen giving her and her fellow companions very intimate lap dances.  This isn’t the first time Meriam has been in the world of controversy, as an influencer and public figure; her social following thrived on some titbits of drama and controversy last year, involving beloved Namibian celebrity and big brother winner Dillish Mathews. Witnesses say Dillish pulled MK’s wig, threw her off the couch and broke her nails and her Xmax plus iPhone.


2021-05-11  Staff Reporter

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