• July 23rd, 2019
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MICT to announce top five songs for My Namibia Song Competition next week

Pinehas Nakaziko Following the submissions of 176 entries for the competition of the ‘My Namibia Song’ competition launched last year, the Nationhood and National Pride (NNP) Campaign under the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) says they will announced the top five songs next week. According to the senior information officer at NNP, Rosalia Nuuyoma, the project of the song is still running, and they have up to three stages to complete the selection of the winning song. “We are currently done with stage 2, and next week we will launch the public and online voting for the public to vote for its favorite song for the final selection,” says Nuuyoma. She adds that the winning song will be announced at the later stage, once everything is done. She also says the voting of the winning song will be 50/50 both from the public and judges. According to Nuuyoma, the last stage of the competition is for the song to go on in the final production in term of final touches, and mastering. The MICT teamed up with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture to organized the competition. The competition ended end of last year, and was aimed at producing a national song that compliments the national anthem in arousing feelings of patriotism, national pride and unity among the citizenry. The winner of the competition will be awarded with the N$ 50 000 and royalties. The Namibian Song Project is a locally composed and produced song that will boost national identity, national pride and nation building. Therefore, it is hoped that the Namibian Song will bring together through various occasions, brothers and sisters from across the country, composed of varying cultural groupings and ethnicities, to enhance mutual respect, unity and improve cross-cultural communication, which is valuable for the growth of our small nation This song will not have the same restrictions as the national anthem, but will allow Namibian people to celebrate the love for Namibia together, in unity at any occasion; be it a sport event, theatrical or musical show, barbeque or any other informal event.
New Era Reporter
2018-01-19 11:50:57 1 years ago

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