• July 9th, 2020

Mining together - inclusion begins with us

As Namdeb continues creating a positive legacy, employees will be featured under the theme of Mining and Inclusivity during the month in which Namibia celebrates its independence.
Meet Ester Ngolo, a Namdeb employee, who started her career with Namdeb in 2015 as a C & I Mechanician. This is what she had to say when asked about her views on mining and inclusivity in an independent Namibia. 

Question: Tell us about your educational and career path background and the path that led to your current role at Namdeb? 
EN: “I have a Trade Certificate which I obtained through the Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT), I also have a Level 2 Trade Certificate in General Electrical through Namwater and am currently studying towards an Advance Diploma in Industrial Automation and Process Control through Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT).  Through Namdeb I gained my experience by being granted an opportunity to work as an Instrumentation Trainee and Electrician Trainee at various worksites.”

Question: Mining is predominantly a male- dominated environment. What are your views on how mining can be more inclusive?
EN: “I fully agree that mining is a male-dominant environment however at Namdeb we treat this challenge as an opportunity. As such, we reap the benefits of our association and support of gender diversity initiatives. Namdeb women have the opportunity to create connections in the industry and make their mark in the mining industry. To have a more inclusive workplace we must continue to create a culture of change by creating awareness.”
Question: Employee wellness is an important aspect for the Namdeb business.  How do you create a balance between work requirements and your personal life?
EN: “One has to pay increasingly particular attention to proactive ways in which you can balance work life and personal life. This is not an individual problem; it involves the employer to come up with strategies and policies to help their employees to maintain what is called work/home life.”

Question: As a C and I mechanician, what are your key priorities at Namdeb?
EN: “Apart from being a section Control & Instrumentation mechanician to the engineering team, safety remains and is always my first priority for myself and my co-workers as being said, no diamond is worth a human life. I am responsible for maintenance of the plant equipment to ensure that the plant reaches the production targets in order to meet the business requirement.”

Question: What does one need to become a C&I mechanician - experience, qualifications?
EN: “One needs a Trade Certificate in Instrumentation as well as electronic, electrical and mechanical skill, knowledge and you need to be a self-starter by nature, determined, willing to work hard as an individual or with the team and the desire to excel in everything you do.”

Question: What does Namibia’s Independence mean to you? 
EN: “Namibia’s Independence means a lot to me as it does for everyone as Namibians; all thanks to the Almighty for leading our heroes and heroines for standing up for their right and what is rightfully ours.  It means I can express my opinions, freedom of speech, encouraging my fellow women to be themselves and not be afraid when faced with challenges.”

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