• April 25th, 2019
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Query: How many charcoal producers are in Namibia and how much charcoal has been produced in the past years? Response: There are 604 producers in Namibia and in the last two years, 2015 and 2016, 216 669 tons were produced. During 2016/2017, 109 885 tons were produced. Query: How much is exported to South Africa and overseas and how much is used locally? Response: Namibia exported 139 684 tons to South Africa during 2015/16 financial year and 71 991 tons during 2016/17. In addition, Namibia exported 45 547 tons overseas during 2015/16 as well as 14 690 tons during 2016/17. Furthermore, 31 438 and 23 204 tons was traded locally during the periods of 2015/16 and 2016/17 respectively. Query: How many jobs have been created through this industry? Response: The charcoal industry created 3 763 jobs in 2015/16 and 2 318 during 2016/17 in Namibia. Query: Ministry of agriculture please tell us, for the production of charcoal, what trees can be utilized and in which areas are they found? Response: Tree species per area Margaret Kalo, Senior Public Relations Officer, Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, e-mail: Margaret.kalo@mawf.gov.na
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2017-10-10 09:27:20 1 years ago

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