• July 19th, 2019
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Ministry of Gender empowers rural women

Front Page News
Front Page News

Nuusita Ashipala Eenhana-In the quest to narrow the gender-gap, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare continues to empower and create employment for rural women across the country. This week the Ministry of Gender Equality handed over 80 pieces of equipment, valued at over N$900,000 to benefit women through the income-generating activities programme in Oshana, Ohangwena and Oshikoto. Gender Equality Minister Doreen Sioka said the donation was an expression of government’s commitment to share wealth and create employment. “This is also government’s way of sharing income because the equipment you are receiving is bought with money from those who pay taxes, therefore appreciate this government initiative to economically to empower you,” said Sioka. The minister said the income-generating activities programme aims to promote the social well-being of the communities and promote equality between men and women by encouraging women to partake in the programme with a view to economically empower themselves. The ministry aims to benefit at least 70 percent of women through the programme. The minister cautioned the recipients to ensure the projects are profitable to contribute to the upliftment and improvement of the recipients’ livelihoods and thus contribute to poverty alleviation. “You are receiving these seed materials and equipment to get you started with your businesses. Profits accumulated from the project should be ploughed back into the business to grow further,” said Sioka. She cautioned the beneficiaries against selling, renting out or donating the equipment, saying it is government property and shall not be transferred to a third party without the approval of the ministry. Apart from the equipment, the beneficiaries also received training in basic business management skills to capacitate and equip them with basic business management skills so that they manage their projects efficiently. In the same vein, Minister Sioka said the ministry would continue to support beneficiaries, monitor and provide mentorship to ensure the survival growth and sustainability of the project, so that in the long run they are organised cooperatives. Lazaraus Ndjuluwa, who spoke on behalf of the beneficiaries, encouraged fellow beneficiaries to work hard and grow their businesses. “From now we should not say ‘we do not have jobs’. We have been given jobs and can create employment for others.”
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2017-09-22 09:19:07 1 years ago

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