• May 29th, 2020

Ministry of Justice

Query: Legal Aid Namibia, please look into some of the lawyers that you assign to cases. They don’t show up at the courts, leaving suspects in legal complications. Response: The ministry’s position on the claim above is as follows: the Ministry of Justice regrets having to receive such a complaint and is willing to rectify this so that the same does not happen again. Unfortunately, the message is anonymous, making it difficult for us to investigate. However, in the event such cases are experienced we encourage our clients to do the following. Whenever lawyers are appointed to represent a person by the directorate of legal aid and fails to attend court, or to explain to their clients why they are not able to come to court, our clients are urged to report such conduct to the directorate of legal aid for recourse. Upon laying a complaint, we request clients to indicate the details of the lawyer in question, and of the case assigned to that lawyer. This information appears on the legally aided client’s instruction letter. Our contact details are: E-mail: Patience.Daringo@moj.gov.na, or infor@moj.gov.na or telephone: 061-420200. * Simon Idipo, public relations officer, Ministry of Justice, e-mail: Simon.Idipo@moj.gov.na
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2017-09-12 09:47:06 | 2 years ago

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