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Minor kills, hides toddler body 

2022-12-05  Victoria Kaapanda

Minor kills, hides toddler body 

A seven-year-old boy will be taken to a social worker after he put sand into a two-year-old girl’s mouth and eyes, causing her to die instantly.

 According to Oshikoto police commissioner Teopoline Kalomo-Nashikaku, the incident happened on Saturday at Ohainghete village in the Nehale Lyambingana constituency in the Oshikoto region.  It is alleged the boy was left alone in a house with the minor then he put the sand into the girl’s mouth and eyes. The girl later died.

She said the boy then hid the body in a certain hut and covered her with a blanket. 

 It is said that after he hid the body, he went to inform other kids, who at that time went to collect firewood, about what he did.

 Nashikaku said the children who were told about the incident by the suspect went into the house to confirm and proceeded to the cuca shops to inform the parents, who later called the police. 

The victim is known as Ndeshipanda Naameondeni. The suspect is from a neighbour’s house.


2022-12-05  Victoria Kaapanda

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