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ML drops new album …gives N$8 000 away over eight weeks

2021-06-11  Strauss Lunyangwe

ML drops new album …gives N$8 000 away over eight weeks
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 Strauss Lunyangwe

Not one to shy away from being innovative when releasing new music, ML has done it again by giving away N$1 000 for eight weeks to lucky fans to promote her new album ‘Money Music’.

Last year, Maria Lisa Immanuel, popularly known as ML, released her album ‘With love’ on USB, and decided to take it up a notch this time to make it fairly accessible. 

She told VIBEZ! the dynamics have changed recently, saying: “Most of my fans are listening to music on their phones. So I teamed up with Viralcom, which is an innovative music retail site that sells music via SMS for N$4.” 

“We are also giving away N$8 000 over eight weeks (N$1 000 each week) to ML fans. Therefore, the main reason is to really make the music accessible to everyone, particularly the majority of the fans. The album ‘Money Music’ will also be available on CDs, USBs from 9 June and digital stores from 18 June 2021.”

ML said the entertainment scene is gradually changing with time, otherwise, one becomes obsolete hence being innovative is a means to stay ahead of her peers. 

“The digital space is really providing us with a lever to push our brands beyond traditional ways. As the industry grows, more and more money is also required to achieve these innovative ways of distributing and consuming music.” 

The Shambo, Afro-pop singer said she is at a stage where she feels she is no longer learning and her contribution, whether in her professional career or music, is one that should have an impact and therefore should be paid for immediately. 

“I want my money for everything I put my effort in basically, otherwise I don’t have time. (Time is money) Lol! The Money Music name also hopes to inspire Namibians to value music like any other products.  

“Artists put in money to make music and so people should see music as a valuable art that deserves spending on. So that’s the narrative I’m painting with this title but personally, it’s really about me and the period I am in right now - to make more money.”

When quizzed if she will be able to break even with the cash giveaway and N$4 price tag per song via SMS, she told this reporter she believes so: “CDs are selling at N$100 and we anticipate selling at least 5 000 or more. We also hope we recoup from events, endorsements and other monetary initiatives.”

Because large numbers of people at events won’t be possible due to the current situation as stipulated recently, ML is working on a digital launch online. 

“I’m actually looking for a corporate to partner with on my digital YouTube event. Maybe for them to advertise while sponsoring the venue, videographers and everything involved - a monetised event at the end of the day. Please reach out,” she urged.



2021-06-11  Strauss Lunyangwe

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