• September 21st, 2020

Moetie U-turns on NFA request

Former executive member of Black Africa FC, Cassius Moetie, yesterday wrote to the club’s supporters to inform them that the Namibia Football Association (NFA) has agreed to postpone/extend the deadline of 23 August for clubs to apply for membership with the planned NFA top tier league, so as to allow BA more time to put its house in order.

This was contained in a leaked WhatsApp message which Moetie had sent to the club’s supporters, wherein he mentioned that NFA acting secretary general Franco Cosmos had agreed to their request for postponement in order to give BA supporters more time to recoup their club that was “hijacked and stolen by unscrupulous elements.”

Moetie’s leaked WhatsApp message reads, “Good morning. I think we must postpone the meeting of today (yesterday) until end of this month. I wrote an email to the acting secretary general to request for a postponement of 23 August 2020 deadline, so that BA has a bit more time to do internal arrangements about our team that was hijacked and stolen by unscrupulous elements and sold to someone who dubiously created a rebel league, with no vested and sincere interest in BA. Our request for postponement of the 23 August is granted. In this regard, I don’t think we will meet today, however, we must use the time during this new lockdown regulations to plan strategies for our next steps so that we call a proper meeting when the lockdown can allow not only 10 people but more, and we hope the President will announce that on 28 August. Trusting that you will find this in order. Yours faithfully, sharp, sharp, Cassius.”

Contacted yesterday, Moetie confirmed that he authored the leaked WhatsApp message to the club’s supporters and that the message was not meant for the media. He further said his message to Cosmos was just a mere request for extension to the 23 August deadline in order for them to have more time to fix their house and give all supporters an opportunity to decide the club’s future, and was not in any way trying to influence the FA to extend the 23 August deadline.
This is despite Moetie telling and assuring the club’s supporters in the WhatsApp message that their “request for postponement of the 23 August is granted.”  

Also contacted for comment yesterday, Cosmos denied having any communication with Moetie or the NFA agreeing to postpone the 23 August deadline. Cosmos said in short: “No, I did not receive anything from Cassius Moetie. Our letter is very clear and we did not retract it. It still stands as communicated to the 16 clubs.”

Otniel Hembapu
2020-08-17 12:02:57 | 1 months ago

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