• February 24th, 2020

Monique English gets frank on ‘Red’

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - Not new to the Namibian music industry, Monique English is back with a brand new single titled ‘Red’ after a hiatus.

“I wrote the song ‘Red’ based on my current relationship; on how I feel at the present moment,” she told Entertainment Now! this week. 

English said she did not take long to write the song. “I wrote the chorus and first verse in a day and left the rest for studio work, which was also done in a day,” she stated. 
She said she named the song ‘Red’, as the colour symbolises love. “When a heart is full, it’s red,” she said. 

Known for her songs like 2017’s ‘As You Know’ featuring Salvador, which was her last project before she went lull, English toiled with ESP, a local producer. “ESP has a label called ESP Music, he hails from Walvis Bay,” she said.

English distanced herself from music after suffering artist’s block. “I just found myself not making music, I couldn’t write or compose anything. I couldn’t record and in a nutshell, I couldn’t find any inspiration to do music,” expounded Monique. 

Monique, who has closely worked with artists such as KP Illest, Ann Singer, KK, Desmond, says she is back. “I am currently working on my album. I had to release something to let the supporters know that I am still here,” she stated. 

In ‘Red’, English starts by saying she has searched the world but could not find love until she met her potential and ideal partner. The song is a dance-pop electronic house mix. This is the type of song that will make you go back into the club at 04:00, as you are about to leave. “I am trying to go into more house music but I am still doing rhythm and blues (RnB),” said English. 

She informed Entertainment Now! that she is trying to tap into other genres. “It is kind of a diversity of genres. I will, however, stick to what I know so you won’t be hearing any rock or metal music,” she said. 
English said she is trying to do upbeat music but still keeping herself grounded with RnB. 

“The song ‘Red’ signifies me in a happy place right now as far as love is concerned,” she said. 
English said her mother influenced her to tap into the electronic house genre. “It was kind of my mom,” she said hysterically. Her mom convinced her to do upbeat music, she said. 

“I am more of a ballet person and in my previous album ‘Since 1994’, I had two upbeat songs. I am trying to make more upbeat songs because she (mom) said I should venture into that more and I think it’s a good idea because at festivals I will be able to pull a crowd,” she explained.

Asked whether she has resolved all the issues that made her go ‘MIA’ before taking over where she left off, English said it is not all resolved. “What matters now is that I have been inspired and I have started writing. I have written a few songs already, I just need to record them. I am working through it all but gradually it is all coming together,” she said.

Monique informed Entertainment Now! that her next single after ‘Red ‘can be expected within the next month or two.

English plans to release music videos for the single and the next one, and all Entertainment Now! can say is thanks to her mom for convincing the golden-voiced girl to tap into this type of sound because it is going to make us sweat on the floor and wanting more. And welcome back Monique!

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