• June 3rd, 2020

Movie Review: Angel Has Fallen

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- The sequel, which has come of age and keeps on getting better each year for some and not so appealing to others as it is themed differently every time it gets a release. The first was in 2013 named Olympus Has Fallen, which was about North Korea being an enemy of America. In 2016, London Has Fallen was about Muslim terrorism in Pakistan.

This year, the target is on the Russians, blaming them for the alleged assassination of President Allan Trumbull played by the Godfather of theatre Morgan Freeman, a role he played so well. “Angel Has Fallen” Mike Banning — now rickety from concussion-induced migraines and insomnia — on a group of disloyal American mercenaries led by, well, you’ll figure that part out soon enough.

This Ric Roman Waugh-directed piece feels like a Mission: Impossible franchise. Watch closely, without passing any judgment, yet. However, it is through movies like these that we get to appreciate Gerard Butler more. 

He is fantastic and plays the role of Secret Service Agent Mike, who is tasked with taking care of President Trumbull, suffers from migraines and insomnia. When the president almost gets assassinated, that’s when all the blame is put on Banning and that’s indeed the time when the angel has fallen.

I have watched Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen and can confidently say these two sequels are way better than Angel Has Fallen in terms of plot, scripting and character performance, which is action packed. 

The 2013 and 2016 Fallen franchises have both landed in the US$200 million box office range worldwide, which makes me want to re-watch them, and I hardly watch a movie twice, I mean what am I going to see that I haven’t seen before but the action and thrill in them can lead one to go back for more.

I was annoyed by some shots in Angel Has Fallen, which were way too shaky, out of focus close-ups and that was a build up to the reassurance of viewers of this bland drama. No doubt Angel Has Fallen is a thriller/action movie but you will forever be comparing the previous two while watching.

Another short-lived role is played by Jada Pinkett-Smith, a ruthless no-nonsense FBI agent who is tasked with finding out exactly who tried to assassinate the president. She plays the role very well.
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