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Möwes shares her passion for the kitchen

2021-09-01  Staff Reporter

Möwes shares her passion for the kitchen
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Emilie Shimbali

Some individuals live to cook, while others cook to live. Tsumeb-born chef Gadicha Möwes, however, describes her passion for cooking this way: “I love to cook, and you know what, it makes me happy”.

The 24-year-old chef made headlines early this year when she finished seventh overall out of participants from 60 countries in the International Young Chef Olympiad 2021 virtual competition. Her passion for cooking comes from childhood. “I was only three years old when I used to play with food like nobody’s business,” Möwes remarked, adding that her aunt had bought her a three-legged pot as a gift, which sparked her interest in cooking.

“Every time my cousin and I played, I used that pot to cook food. But guess what, I was a terrible chef,” she laughed. “The funny thing is, I simply adore cooking, and the kitchen brings me great pleasure.” 

After attempting to study electrical engineering in Cape Town, she returned to pursue her culinary goals and enrolled with the Silver Spoon Hospitality Academy in Windhoek. Möwes now produces feasts – from modest dinners for two to large parties – and is considering starting her own cooking business or a restaurant, based on her practical knowledge.

“Or maybe a culinary school, who knows?”.  The only obstacle she faces is a lack of finance. Möwes, who describes herself as a diligent worker, compassionate and humble being, also won bronze in the junior level of that competition in 2020.

“I had to break out of my bubble, be more open-minded on any comment or criticism,” she added when questioned about her progression to the top 10 this year. Gordon Ramsay is her role model, and it would be an honour for her to meet a chef who understands his roots. “Nothing is impossible. If your mind is fully engaged in it, you will prevail. Never doubt yourself,” she advised. 




Inspired…  Gadicha Möwes in her element. Photo: Contributed.

2021-09-01  Staff Reporter

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