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Mozambique unrest: Namibia waits on SADC

2021-04-07  Albertina Nakale

Mozambique unrest: Namibia waits on SADC
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Namibia is still waiting on SADC to craft a response to the deteriorating security situation in Mozambique before it can offer any assistance to that country. 

The regional bloc is said to be preparing a military intervention in Mozambique’s northern Cabo Delgado region, where militant violence has been raging since 2017. International relations executive director Pendapala Naanda said, so far, Namibia has not been asked to render any assistance by both Mozambique and SADC.  

“SADC is handling the issue. No aid has been requested from Namibia. We still stick to that statement we issued out earlier that SADC is in charge of the situation. We are still waiting for SADC to make any arrangements that might need to be done,” Naanda told New Era yesterday.  SADC leaders are expected to meet next week to discuss the unrest, while the regional bloc’s troika meeting was held yesterday. Last week, Namibia condemned in the strongest terms, the killing of dozens of innocent people in Palma and nearby areas. 

This follows the assault on Palma, being the latest in a string of jihadist-led attacks in northern Mozambique. 

So far, more than 2 600 people have died from the raids over the past three years. The attack began on 24 March when around 100 jihadists seized control of Palma. 

The IS announced in a statement that the group had killed 55 members of the Mozambican security forces during the assault. Dozens of Palma residents are believed to have died in the siege, including at least two foreign workers in the area. 

The United Nations (UN) said Friday that at least 9 150 people have fled from Palma to other areas in northern Mozambique. 

Thousands are still believed to be displaced within the Palma district. Neighbouring South Africa has already deployed troops to Mozambique on Friday following an attack by IS militants.


2021-04-07  Albertina Nakale

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