• August 15th, 2020

Mrs //Kharas pageant discriminates against some

The Mrs //Kharas beauty pageant, hosted in Lüderitz this year, aims to empower married women, but when a married woman who does not have kids of her own enquired to take part in this event, she was told that she cannot participate. She has adopted two beautiful boys and regardless of whether she gave birth to them biologically or not, she is considered a mother and a wife, rightfully. If this pageant’s sole ‘claim to fame’ is that they wish to empower women, I would like to know: if due to medical reasons one is unable to bring kids into this world, does that make you less of a woman? Why then claim to be empowering women, if in fact you are making this one woman feel like she is not worthy of the title? Maybe the coordinators of this event should take a seat and discuss their moto and the role of this event, as they contradict one another. Sheugnet Cloete
New Era Reporter
2017-10-20 10:01:54 | 2 years ago

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