• July 18th, 2019
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MTC donates N$800,000 for low-cost housing

Staff Reporter WINDHOEK - In an effort to make a dent in the housing shortage and provide houses in the country the mobile telecommunications giant MTC donated N$800,000 to the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia that will be used for the construction of ultra-low-cost housing for those in need. MTC chief human capital and corporate affairs officer Tim Ekandjo said everyone is aware of the extreme housing shortage, and the Shack Dwellers Federation has been extremely positive and efficient in making a difference by building a complete house for its members at a cost of N$40,000. “On behalf of MTC, we are happy to announce a donation of N$800,000 towards this initiative that will assist them to build a total of 20 houses. I know it is a small difference taking into consideration the huge shortage of houses in Namibia, but if we can all participate and make our contributions it will become impactful in the fight against housing,” said Ekandjo. Ekandjo made the announcement on Friday during the official handover of the Standard Bank Buy-a-Brick initiative that is aimed at raising funds for the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia. A statement issued by MTC spokesperson John Ekongo said that through various contributions Standard Bank raised N$3.7 million towards the 2018 Buy-a-Brick initiative. Standard Bank CEO Vetumbuavi Mungunda and the Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development Derek Klazen were present to confirm the transfer of the funds to a representative of the federation. Ekandjo said that after spending an hour with families living in shacks in DRC informal settlement where they visited, they realised that there is no difference between the residents and them but what distinguishes them from others is the lack of opportunity. “They cannot give themselves these opportunities – it is our collective responsibility to create opportunities for them to lift them out of poverty and today MTC would like to do so with this contribution, now and in the future,” said Ekandjo.
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2018-06-19 11:36:19 1 years ago

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