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MTC funds their dreamers

2021-09-02  Staff Reporter

MTC funds their dreamers
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Staff reporter

With an enviable track record of supporting social causes across the country, Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) has now extended the same philanthropic gesture to all its ambassadors through its latest initiative called the MTC Dreamers Project.

At the beneficiary announcement event held on Monday 30 August 2021 in Windhoek, at least 30 MTC ambassadors were awarded capital injections ranging between N$50 000 and N$60 000 each to kick start and pursue their dreams.

Shedding light on the MTC Dreamers Project Tim Ekandjo explained the objective of the project is to encourage employees to actively pursue their own dreams and aspirations.

“This project aims to assist all our ambassadors financially in making a difference in society and to become positive role models, recognising that they are not just ambassadors who work here but Namibians with much bigger dreams and that life is more than just a job. We want to highlight our ambassadors that it takes dedication, self-motivation and hard work to achieve your dreams in life and at work. We want to connect our ambassadors to their ultimate dreams and create a society that is not afraid of taking on the world,” said Ekandjo.

For the purpose of this project, a dream is defined as a cherished aspiration, “an ambition or idea that any of our ambassadors hold dearly, which they wish to pursue. This could, for example, be an ambassador who may want to pursue an interest in a music career, a business idea, or who plays a certain sport or manages any social project that makes an impact in their communities”, expressed Ekandjo.

The project will be funded an amount of N$1.5 million per annum as part of MTC’s Employee Value Proposition. Ambassadors wishing to benefit from the project will simply apply by articulating their dream or aspiration and the only requirements is that this dream or idea should not be in conflict with MTC’s values or societal norms.

“We are moving towards a world of work where the personal interest of your ambassadors should matter to you because once you take a keen interest in their dreams, they will help you attain yours. This project positions us perfectly to ensure we drive our ambassadors towards becoming the best versions of themselves,” concluded Ekandjo.

2021-09-02  Staff Reporter

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